About WildlifeLog.org

The idea behind WildlifeLog is simple - it allows you to record all the wildlife you see, wherever you are - and yet it is so much more than just that!

WildlifeLog enables you to:

  • Keep a permanent record of what you see - it won't get lost in the ether
  • View your sightings on maps and graphs, and also view the sightings of your friends
  • Download, print and complete wildlife spotting ticklists; create new ticklists and contribute to existing ones
  • Share your sightings with friends through WildlifeLog, Facebook and email
  • Chat with your friends and other members of WildlifeLog to discuss your sightings and get expert advice
  • Create unique projects with your friends / school / organisation and / or the wider community
  • Contribute to scientific research and help wildlife conservation.

Working Together

WildlifeLog works in association with a number of different organisations, trusts, companies and charities to benefit wildlife and conservation, and your membership is invaluable to furthering research and compiling statistical data. Your sightings equate to data which is used by the scientific research community to study things such as migratory patterns, climate change and the rise and fall of individual species.

We have teamed up with the Natural History Museum to provide you with the most comprehensive information you will need to accurately identify different species. At the moment, we list all UK species as well as worldwide birds and mammals and plan to expand this in the future to cover other areas that interest you.

Not for Profit

WildlifeLog is a Community Interest Company, and any profit that is made is put back into the company in order to improve the work that we do, or donated to worthwhile conservation projects to aid wildlife and the environment.

What Next?

The ultimate aim of WildlifeLog is to have a positive effect on the natural world, to help the wildlife community to grow and learn from one another and to make the process of recording wildlife sightings both worthwhile and fun.

But we need you! There are lots of ideas for how the site could develop in the future, but we want you to be involved. So if you have any ideas or suggestions, good or bad, please send us your feedback.

See our Help and Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.