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Keeping a record of what you see in the wild has never been easier. Record what you see, share it with friends and your sightings will contribute to the latest projects and help conservation.

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Camp Kawartha Environment Centre BioBlitzCamp Kawartha Environment Centre BioBlitz
Join us in getting to know all we can about the wildlife around...
Athens WildlifeAthens Wildlife
This project will help to aid the health, safety, and...
Create a School Wildlife ProjectCreate a School Wildlife Project
Get the kids outdoors! A great way to use WildlifeLog is to...
Great FenGreat Fen
The Great Fen is a fifty year project hoping to create a huge...
Red Squirrel Survival TrustRed Squirrel Survival Trust
The number of red squirrels in the UK has decreased...

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UK Native Trees
43 species
Camp Kawartha Environment Centre Bioblitz
12 species
Wildlife of Mount Kilimanjaro
95 species
British Amphibians& Reptiles
12 species
Carrs Woodland
26 species
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Latest Sightings...

Gyr Falcon
Painted Lady Butterfly x 2
Castro Valley, CA
Grey Squirrel x 2
Hayward, California
Common Garden Snail
Castro Valley, California
Common BuzzardBuzzard x 3
Dh8 8ar
Common BuzzardBuzzard x 3
Dh8 8ar
Common BuzzardBuzzard x 2
Dh8 8ar
Common Toad © ClaireCCommon Toad
Dh8 8ar

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